What if there were polymer elements for custom Drupal functionality

Follow up post, to catch up read the first post

This time I went to Drupal Dev Days in Milan to work some more on the new Field UI proposal. @Bojhan a UX specialist suggested to use images/tiles to make it easier to use, he started working on designing some images, while I adapted the code.

I went to Drupalcon NOLA and was looking for a new way to contribute, since there've been a lot of discussion about the front-end part, and after reading @dries blog post Turning Drupal outside-in I started looking at the field UI. I stumbled upon the core issue titled The options under the Add field drop-down describe the data you want to store, but the user was imagining the widget it would produce and decided that the outside-in approach might be a good approach.

Lately there is a lot of discussion about adding a full javascript framework to Drupal core (either 8 or 9), but do we really need it, or do we have to solve other problems first?

The Drupal 7 admin/people/permissions is always been troublesome for big Drupal sites, there are some flaws, we hope we have solved.

We just released the first release candidate of clientside validation for Drupal 8.

A client asked us to move his site and update it at the same time, since there isn't much content and given the content does not change a lot, we decided to try something else. Normally we build all of our sites in Drupal, but this time we opted to use Grav.

Adding a custom menu to the Drupal 7 Navbar module aka Mobile Friendly Navigation Toolbar can be cumbersome, this post shows you the required steps.

Structured data in hmtl.tpl.php

Enrich your Drupal site with structured data using the ld+json format.

This post describes what is needed to be able to use a different markdown processor in Drupal 7.

A quick run through on how to build a site similar to the contest we build for, screenshots.

Optimize your theming workflow using svg, grunticon and sass mixins