Attiks is no nonsense company with a highly skilled technical and graphical staff. We handle both on- and offline communication, web development and print design are our middle names. We work internationally and are based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Latest work

Ontwikkeling wereldwijde e-commerce Greenpan en site ontwikkeling

Ontwikkeling Manuele Telapp

Ontwerp van affichage en invulformulieren

website development 2016 voor het grootste bierevenement in Japan in opdracht van Trainspot

Branding de ideale straat Concept - corperate identity - organisatie - website - drukwerk - copywriting – pers

site design / positionering / CMS / responsive / social media

A site for the biggest beer event in Japan.

Campaign site for Warsteiner Japan warsteiner.jp

Overstock needed an easy to use and fast tool to manage their magazines, so it would be easier to brief the print shop.