About attiks

Attiks is no nonsense company with a highly skilled technical and graphical staff. We handle both on- and offline communication, web development and print design are our middle names. We work internationally and are based in Antwerp, Belgium.

  • Print

    Print is still a very important part in your day to day communication, it is physical and the impression last longer than a digital one. A perfectly executed business card, invitation or poster is valuable for your company or event.

  • Design

    Graphic design and corporate identity are a unique merge of field expertise and a unique approach for each client.

  • Drupal

    We started building Drupal sites in 2007, and all our developers are very active in the international Drupal community.We build custom theme out of the box sites, but also full blown web based applications on top of Drupal.

  • Web

    Although most of our web development is done using Drupal, we also use other technologies. We strive to find the best tool - or tools - for the job, Drupal, Angular, Symfony, ...