Clients and cases

Logo #restyling for a #sweet #brand comming more soon

logo design, naamkaartjes huisstijlkenmerken, verpakking en communicatie.

Digitale transformatie voor Greenpan.Ontwikkeling van de wereldwijde e-commerceshop

website development 2016 voor het grootste bierevenement in Japan in opdracht van Trainspot

Branding de ideale straat Concept - corperate identity - organisatie - website - drukwerk - copywriting – pers

A site for the biggest beer event in Japan.

Campaign site for Warsteiner Japan

Japanese vedett site designed by Trainspot and further developed by Attiks.

Ontwikkeling Manuele Telapp


We needed a good solid visual identity, so we build one.

Databankkoppeling - site optimalisatie

Overstock needed an easy to use and fast tool to manage their magazines, so it would be easier to brief the print shop.

site design / positionering / CMS / responsive / social media

Small but fun project for a family expansion.

A local campaign for an exhibition: poster, site and flyers.

Marrick Marine, based in Antwerpen and the United Kingdom offers a fully integrated transportation service in Europe.

Attiks takes care of all their external communications during the last 10 years.